In 2008, THE COMMERCIAL APPEAL wrote an article about Keeler Iron Works with the headline, "Iron in Their Blood". With over 50 years in the steel fabrication business, we'd say that's definitely what it feels like. When our father, George Keeler, began Keeler Iron Works in 1961, it was a small ornamental iron business that primarily made light handrails and stairs. His passion and commitment for Keeler Iron Works was so palatable, that it seemed only natural that we (his three sons - Clay, Will, and Rob) join him and continue to build upon his vision.

Over these 50+ years, we've increased the size of our facility to its current 80,000 square feet. In addition, we have expanded our steel fabrication work to include: indoor/outdoor signage (e.g. billboards, scoreboards, custom signs, and reinforcing components for existing outdoor signage), steel structures (e.g. buildings, pedestrian bridges, support systems, pipe trusses...), and miscellaneous structures (e.g. monumental stairs, catwalks, platforms...). We are also fabricating steel for: material handling, industry processing for other fabricators, industrial fabrication.

With over a half century in the steel fabrication business and an eye on the future, it is indeed accurate to say that there is "iron in our blood".

Operating Principles That Have Stood the Test of Time
  • Providing excellent customer service from the beginning to the completion of a project
  • Fabricating high quality iron work
  • Valuing our employees
The Keeler Iron Works Fabrication Team
  • Steel Detailers and Estimators
  • Engineering Services
  • Certified Welders
  • Certified Forklift Drivers
  • Qualified Fitters
  • Painters
  • Material Handlers
  • CNC Control Equipment Workers
  • Quality Control Specialists
Material Handling and Processing Capabilities
The Keeler Iron Works' facility has 80,000 square feet of work space for processing and fabrication:

  • 10 Overhead Cranes - Lifting capacity up to 20 tons
  • Forklift - 35,000 lb. Lifting capacity
  • 36" Saw
  • Mig Welding and Tig Welding
  • CNC Drilling - Structural shapes from 4" to 36". Square rectangle tubes from 3" to 18". Holes 3/8th" to 2".
  • High Definition Plasma Cutting (True Hole Technology), Oxy Fuel Cutting, 10' x 20' Table
  • Drill Line: 4" to 36"
  • CNC Robotic Plasma Cutting and Coping of Structural Shapes
  • Angle Master: Up to L 8 x 8 x 3/4
  • AISC
  • NOMMA (National Ornamental and Miscellaneous Metal Association)
  • Greater Memphis Chamber of Commerce
National Ornamental Metal Museum
  • George Keeler was one of the founders of the National Ornamental Metal Museum that started in 1979. Keeler Iron Works continues to be proud supporters of this wonderful museum.

In The News

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